About Us

With decades of experience each, the members of our team bring a vast amount of experience to each engagement. Whether it’s technical, analytical, financial, or operational, we consistently overdeliver on our client’s projects.

Experience Matters

Our founders have decades of experience in law firm billing and accounting systems. Having personally been involved in the deployment of over 300 of these systems, our consultants know well the struggles firms have in harnessing their data. We can unlock the power of one of your firm’s biggest assets, its historical performance.

Our founders have decades of experience

Our Team

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Engineering law firm success

Whether it’s profit analysis, attorney compensation, or timekeeper analysis, IntelliMetrics has solutions to help firms make data-driven decisions to support growth and profitability.

Law Firms Love our Service

By hyper-serving our clients, we have developed a reputation for responsiveness and professionalism. Finally, no tier 1, 2, or 3 support to wade through!